Building a new website might seem like a daunting task, but I’ll guide you through the process from design to launch and beyond. We’ll work together to get the site just as you want it.

Phase 1a - discovery

I’ll work with you to establish exactly what your site needs to do. I’ll then do research into any additional plugins or software that might be required to make that happen, and present you with my findings for your approval.

Phase 1b - wireframing and prototype

Using Adobe XD I’ll first draw up wireframes for key pages, then create working prototypes of each page with as much content as you can provide at this stage. The prototype will be available in an interactive format online, meaning you’ll be able to click through it like a website and get the real experience of what your site will feel like.

Phase 2a - build

The build starts once the prototype has been approved. I’ll begin by building the site on a test site which I’ll host. You’ll be able to check in regularly on the progress and I’ll provide daily updates whenever I do work on the site so you’re fully up to speed with what’s going on.

Phase 2b - testing

Once the testing site is fully built I’ll test it across a range of browsers and devices to make sure everything looks good. At this stage it’s also good to pass the site around a few trusted friends to check through, as fresh eyes often spot things we’ve missed!

Phase 3a - migration

When we’re both happy the site is ready to go I’ll get everything ready on your hosting server and package up the site to migrate it to your server.

Phase 3b - housekeeping

Once the migration is complete I’ll leave the site in maintenance mode whilst I do back-end tasks. I’ll also do some further testing of the site at this point to ensure nothing went wrong during the migration.


When everything’s good to go and you’re happy I’ll take the site out of maintenance mode and you can begin to share your website with the world!


After the site is launched I’ll write a help document to assist you and your staff with making small changes to the site or managing aspects of your site such your shop or events calendar. I’ll also be on hand to provide any further updates to the site as required, a service I offer as part of the project cost for a month after launch.

The future

Should you wish to make updates to your site or need new features added I’m always available to help you with those and welcome returning clients with open arms!


It’s also advisable to set up an update plan to keep your site up to date as WordPress and plugins regularly require updating to ensure the security of your site and any data stored on it.